JournALL is a weekly art programme open to all everyone interested in visual arts.

This project is a spontaneous response to these unsettling times inviting artists to share their creative and alternative view across all disciplines. A virtual closeness to contrast the physical distance and to support international artists and their practice during the progressive worldwide lockdown and suspension or definitive cancellation of all art activities and events (e.g. exhibitions, fairs, talks, workshops, etc). 

JournALL is offering its social media and network as a platform to showcase emerging and established artists across the world who may be struggling to promote themselves due to the spread of Coronavirus.

‘In conversation with…’ is a video chat to connect artists at any stage of their career to talk about their personal and art experience. These interviews and performances want to give the resources to perform and react creatively at this crisis.

This online art programme is now collecting the works and voices of nineteen artists to evoke the Covid-19. JournALL is closing its programme since we are now living ‘new normality. With all the uncertainty typical of this historical period, JournALL will continue to stay close to the international art community and be a witness of this time.

Keep safe and stay tuned!