Jim Frize

Permute, 2019.
Interact digital audiovisual.

Ph credit & courtesy of the artist.

Permute is a mix of sound and visual art combined together to allow everyone to explore and enjoy it everywhere or whenever they want. Looking at the process, Permute generates itself in real-time always differently, like the flux of life it demands to be experienced.
It is remotely profound, and this framed work is within everyone’s reach no matter where they are or which technological or art knowledge they have. This is a very ‘democratic’ piece, always new and with no-endless, since it’s every time different like people. [V.C.]


My research focuses on developing tools and strategies for sound art and music. Permute is a generative audiovisual artwork that runs inside a web browser. Users can play the generator live on their smartphone, tablet or computer. Clicking on the artwork will generate a new variation of the composition. The work is based on musings about personal perspectives and the subjective nature of human communication and comprehension.

Jim Frize is a PhD candidate based in Leicester, UK.

His research centres on designing and testing hardware for music. In his role as a lecturer he has taught a range of subjects including; Composing with Technology, Instrument Building, Audio Production, Creative Coding for Music, Performance, Interaction and Digital Technologies. Principally he has been teaching Max MSP to first and second year undergraduates for the last three and a half years. As a part of our Max MSP module he also introduces the students to Max for Live and Ableton Live.

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