Restricted freedom

Lauren Kelly

Restriction freedom, 2019.
Video performance.

Video credit & courtesy of the artist.

Restricted freedom, 2019.

Restricted freedom is a carry on from previous projects. A performance to camera, exploring the bodies relation to water and a cage. Mentally constructing a social body into nature. And facing questions of our daily live restrictions. The journey to the location, with objects and found objects, became part of the story and video outcome.

Lockdown Bio of the Object, 2018.

In Lockdown Bio of the Object she is exploring possibilities within objects using wood and repetition she structured chains. The heavy material is misformed. Representing what we carry mentally. Creating a performance based around mental ill and a ‘prisoner’ to ones mind. Performed live delving into the mind and body in a state trapped. 

Her art practice is her life. She explores the body through actions and objects. Performance art is what she calls what she does. Her mediums are also video and photography. Her artistic concerns have been mental health, illness, death, sexuality and the social/private body. And change over time and revisit again. She wants to give comfort to difficult questions.

Lauren Kelly is a Student of National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland.

She is studying for a degree in Sculpture and Expanded Practice. She creates projects to express her concerns.

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