Cyan SOS, The Occupation

Bernadette Hopkins

Cyan SOS, The Occupation, 2019.

Ph credit and courtesy of the artist.

The ’Greencastle People Office’ in the Sperrin Mountains outside Omagh in Nothern Ireland began their occupation of land 808 days ago to protest the mining company Dalradian.
In December 2019, I visited the site and took photographs and also interviewed some of the local people at Greencastle People’s Office. I have been attending meetings with ‘SOS Save our Sperrin’s’ and with Friends of the Earth for a few years and making related art work.
I have also researched Heidegger’s ideas around ‘standing reserve’ and how we use the planet as an endless resource.

At this time of isolation and quarantine we see solidarity in communities growing stronger. We realise the importance of our connections and food chains.
This work considers the rights of individuals and communities over the natural environment they live and work in and the political and economic force of mining companies.
In this present Covid-19 crisis, we are stepping back to consider environmental impacts and the possible creation of new systems based on our living landscapes. [B.H.]

Bernadette Hopkins was born in Belfast, Nothern Ireland and has exhibited in New York, Italy and Ireland.

She is a visual, performance and social practice artist and has lived and worked in Milan, Dublin and Co. Donegal.
She graduated with first class honours in MA Social Practice Art at Limerick School of Art and Design in Fine Art and Painting at Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design.

Her art practice explores contested spaces and environments, affecting the natural world and the human condition through visual multimedia, performance art and collaborative practices.

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