Biiiighieeeeere-eeeeeeeeeeeee (Il non pugilatore)

Leardo Sciacoviello

(Il non pugilatore)
, 2018.
Polyurethane, oil colours.

Ph credit & courtesy of the artist.

In questo drammatico periodo storico di quarantena, il coronavirus rende chi è già solo ancor più abbandonato a sé stesso, questo è il caso del popolo silente.

Spesso nelle strutture socio-sanitarie, i disabili, sono tenuti a distanza dalla stessa società in cui vivono. La loro esistenza è simbolo di un’eterna lotta contro il disagio e l’isolamento. La maggior parte delle disabilità implica un isolamento involontario che, lavorando nel sociale per 15 anni come OSS (operatore socio sanitario), mi è diventato familiare. Questa è una realtà che ho scelto di mettere in risalto, ritenendo che l’arte contemporanea attuale manchi spesso di darvi voce. [L.S.]

In this tragic historical period of quarantine, Covid-19 is making people already isolated much more abandoned to ownself, this is what is happening to the silent people.

Often in the socio-sanitary structures handicapped are kept distanced from the community where they live. Their existence is a symbol of a perpetual fight against awkward and isolation. Many of those disabilities impose involuntary isolation very familiar to me as I worked for 15 years like a Health Care Technician. This is a real human condition that I chose to show since in my opinion very often contemporary art forgives to give a voice to whom has not. 

Leardo Sciacoviello is an Italian sculptor based in Turin, Italy.​

Trained in graphic design and animation, after years spent working as a freelance, he attended the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin.

​He gained a BFA and an MFA in Sculpture; during that time he had the opportunity to study with Luciano Massari, Fabio Viale and Mario Airò and participate in many round-tables with affirmed artists, like Cesare Pietroiusti, Masbedo, Carretto and Spagna, etc.

Between 2009 and 2012, he lived and worked in Valencia (Spain) and London (UK). Alongside, he worked with Italian artisans Nino Ventura at Fonderia Artistica De Carli and with Michele Guaschino. Also, he was the assistant of the Scottish artist David Mach in London. 

His research wants to narrate, translate and revise, social inequity and climate change matters through a various popular cultural lens.

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